The JW Global Solutions

Best UPS power supply repair service center available.  Power Supply Repair Solutions—no one matches our expertise and service spirit.

Repair or Replace? Call our support team for free estimates on your repairs so that an informed decision can be made on the ROI question of replacement or repairing.

Eliminate costly surprises. We repair on a flat-rate cost basis, based on output wattage and design complexity so that you can anticipate the cost impact each repair will have on your alloted budget.  No “time and materials” paradigm; no negative surprises. This is an integral part of our goal of helping our customers with their bottom line. Our repair prices are very competitive and our value is superior. (We track your OEM warranties to save you out-of-pocket repair costs.)

Recognize and respond to the importance of cycle time and be consistent. We provide consistent cycle time for repair and offer three repair programs:

  1. Traditional Repair— when we can anticipate repairs, we offer a cycle time of four business weeks with a flat rate quote for these kinds of traditional repairs.
  2. Expedited Repair:  there is no crisis but repairs are needed within a cycle time of 10 business days, 25% surcharge.
  3. In-Depth Emergency Repair:  this service is for the unexpected, critical repairs needed ASAP. We offer a 3 days or less turn-around time (three days accounts for any overnight shipping of a critical replacement part). Very often we receive the unit in (Fed Ex P1) by 10:30 that morning and we are shipping the repaired unit back to you the same day. (provide a testimonial form hospital or entertainment industry of a “save)
  4. Preventive Maintenance:  for one facility or your subsidiaries and branches across the world.


We accept American Express, MasterCard andVisa.


The automated tracking system is for your convenience, however, please don’t hesitate to call us directly with questions. We enjoy speaking with our customers!

JW Global is ISO 9001:2008 – UL DQS Inc.

ISO Certified Power Supply Repair. UPS Power Supply Repair and Service Center for all any needs for these units—we are certified and take pride in turning around work projects as fast as possible.