National Customers: the JW Global Service Commitment

When it comes to your company or individual needs, no matter your location, you can completely trust JW Global to provide the best repair solutions that meet the rigorous specifications for private industry, health BedrockUPS.500care, government, military and the needs of the broadcasting industry. All power supply repairs from JW Global are known as the best in the PS industry. National clients come to us first for their maintenance or repair needs. We offer complete depot repair for power systems that are:

  • Current units—our staff is continually trained in the latest technology for testing and repairs through on-going professional development. We track your baseline warranties and will alert you to the responsibility of the OEM.
  • Out-of-warranty—we offer preventive maintenance so you can methodically swap out systems and manage your power pipeline without an untimely interruption.
  • End-of-life or legacy power systems—our veteran staff knows inside and out the idiosyncrasies of older power supplies and can refurbish them cost effectively when you can not replacement.

The JW Global technology staff knows that “down time” of your power supply is costly to you, your customers or patients and, to work properly, your power supply must be restored to its OEM level of functioning.
You can count on the JW Global team for

  • Quick turn-around cycle and emergency repair
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Extensive repair reporting
  • Specific and unique shipping requirements (including transparent or blind drop shipping)
  • Unit restoration

“We were concerned about the integrity of a shipping crate we accepted from a customer. To make sure the repaired unit was not compromised, we designed a shipping crate for our customer.  It’s part of our commitment to customer satisfaction and the pride we take in our work.”

JW Global is your go-to source for all power supply services.