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We provide consistent cycle time for repair and offer three repair programs: traditional repair, expedited repair, and in-depth emergency repair.



All power supply repairs from JW Global are known as the best in the PS industry. National and international clients come to us first for their maintenance or repair needs.

ISO Certified

ISO Certified

JW Global is ISO 9001:2000 certified.  This means JW Global consistently provides products that meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements

Our Commitment to You

Fully understand your essential business requirements as they relate to your customers, patients and internal departments who depend on a fully-functioning and reliable power supply.
Provide exceptional value to you and maximize your return on repair dollars through our Pricing Options, cost-benefit analysis on repair/replace decisions, routine and in-depth emergency repairs, and proactive preventive maintenance programs.
Honor our turnaround time for repair, and institute quality-control reliability of repair through rigorous testing that exceeds your operating standards. Our commitment to quality and full restoration is backed by our Warranty Program.
Communicate openly with you over the phone or by timely e-mails, a password-protected Customer Order Tracking System, Certificates of Conformance and with Failure Analysis Reports and extensive Repair Reporting. That means no unwelcome surprises.
Identify creative solutions to solve non-routine legacy power supply problems.
Establish a mutual level of trust and respect between all parties.
Respond to your unique needs including emergency turn around time. Adhere to the unique specifications of your industry, and work with you collaboratively and creatively to solve problem situations.
A final goal is to function as an “internal” service department or provide “transparent” repair services for your customers.
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About Us

About Us

Elaine Traficante, President, has over 30 years in the business world and 20 years as co-owner of a successful high-tech repair center.

Tech Competent

Tech Competent

Our team is both seasoned with past experience and current in all technical servicing knowledge for power supply units.

Products Serviced

Products Serviced

Our JW Global staff is expertly experienced in servicing the most comprehensive range of PS products.

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